Our Partners

Kidike Environmental Conservation Club

Kidike Environmental Conservation Club is one of the many beacons of hope in the world reminding us that conservation and environmental protection is possible. Their conservation efforts have set an example for other villages on Pemba Island where conservation and tourism have just started to gain momentum. Kidike is taking the first steps to promote a correct meaning of ecotourism, wildlife protection, community involvement, and environmental education.

Champlain College Clubs

Free and Open Tech Club

The Free and Open Tech Club provides discovery opportunities for students to learn about Free "Libre" and Open Software and Hardware.

Women in Technology Club

The purpose of Women in Technology is to provide a safe, supportive place for women and minorities within the technological field. This field is heavily male-dominated, we work to cultivate an environment in which minorities can connect with and encourage each other during their years at Champlain College and beyond.

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