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Thank You

Hello All!

Thank you for your monetary donation and support of our first ever success story!

Tablets Donated By: Zeider's Enterprise

This past Winter Break, one of our Co-Founders, Anna Matich, went to Pemba, Zanzibar. There, she represented techdren as we gave two primary schools 45 tablets and 3 solar panels. Anna walked through the basics of how to use the tablets with the teachers and students. They were all so excited and coordinated an entire celebration with dancing and speeches. To say the least, there were a lot of happy tears.

Before, the students would learn about computers and emailing through pictures in a textbook, but because of your donation, they are now able to learn basic technological skills through hands-on learning.

The next few blog posts we will be revisiting the entire experience to show the positive impact you have made in these student’s lives.

Thank you,


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