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Tablet Ready?

We donated 45 tablets to two primary schools this past Winter Break and we appreciate the chance to receive enough donations to have made it happen. While we are all passionate in techdren, preparing the tablets were...a bit of a task for 4 college students.

Preparing all the tablets was a larger task than we imagined. Thankfully, Abbey created nifty instructions beforehand, which broke-down each step to set up the tablets. With the walk-through, anyone with some sort of experience with a computer could successfully set up a tablet, which made the set up process much easier.

Initially, we dedicated a whole Sunday to formatting and uploading materials to the tablets. We set up tables along with a maze of power strips and called in help from friends. We had a solid assembly line running: some people cleaned the tablets, some ran diagnostics, and some started transferring applications from USB drives.

We were running into several problems and it became apparent this project was going to take longer than a single day. The location we had set up shop in did not have solid internet connection, and therefore downloading all of the materials took longer than we imagined.

To combat this and meet our deadlines, we all took computers home and were tasked with completing the set-up throughout the next three days. I personally took over the common room of my residence hall with fifteen tablets and experienced being completely surrounded by technology. It was an interesting event to say the least.

It took a lot of time and effort to load all of the materials on the tablets in time, but in the end we did it! Overall the process was easy and we also got in some quality bonding time.

Thank you,

Madison Brumbelow

Assistant Technical Officer

P.S. Thank you to Zeiders Enterprises for their donation of the tablets given to the schools. Check them out at:

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