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New Recruits

As techdren has succeeded and grown faster than we could have imagined, we needed some help. I mean I do understand that we are three very powerful women, but there is only so much you can ask from us, as we are involved in a lot (and do not know when to say no). Thankfully, along the way we have met other students who heard about techdren and loved our vision and missions. They took it upon themselves to meet us, shadow us, see where they can fit and best help the team, take on a few tasks, and finally advance with a fancy title.

Please meet our New Recruits (and some who should’ve been announced a very long time ago...whoops)


Ashley Bladen

Chief Marketing Officer

Joined: June 2018

I first heard about techdren during an Open House presentation towards the end of the 2018 school year. Their mission intrigued me, unfortunately, there was not enough time left in the school year for me contact the original three Co-Founders. During my summer internship, I was given the task of finding somewhere to donate all the old technology my company had and my mind immediately went to techdren. I had always wanted to put together my two passions—service and technology—so, when I got the opportunity to lend a hand, I had to take it.

Since then, I have been given the title of Chief Marketing Officer. I ended up going down the fundraising and marketing path with techdren because I wanted to get our name out there and help us succeed. I loved talking about techdren, what the entire group does, and why we do it. We are a student led non-profit that is 100% donation based… who would not want to talk about it? I like to dream big—especially with techdren. I’m looking forward to see how we grow and how much we can achieve. We have a fantastic group of people working towards an important cause. Sky’s the limit!


Madison Brumbelow

Chief/Assistant? Technical Officer

Joined: September 2018

I first learned about techdren during one of the 2018 Admitted Students Days. As soon as I heard about the organization from Anna, I knew I wanted to get involved. Jackie, our wonderful Communications Officer, knew I was interested and invited me to a weekly meeting, which I of course went to. There, I met the whole team and have been involved ever since! Abbey gave me a macbook to work on, we started implementing her plans to get the educational sources onto our first round of laptops, and the rest is history.

I really enjoy working with the team to be able to share our love for technology with other young girls and children throughout the world who have the same passions as us. It was a great experience to help set up the laptops for Pemba, and I can't wait to bring back more!


Jessica Turner

Assistant Technical Officer

Joined: January 2019

The moment I knew I wanted to join techdren was at the 2018 Admitted Students Day when I visited techdren’s set up during a tabling event. Drawn in by a video of Zanzibar, a poster, and a yelling Professor Scudder, I immediately fell in love. What I liked most about techdren was the thought of being able to use technology to serve others, as well as being surrounded by motivated, hardworking individuals. It was a crazy idea that students had created a non-profit on top of all of the other work and extracurriculars they had going on. I was driven to join in on the chaos.

Since starting with techdren, I have already been able to put my technical skills to use through helping out with prepping laptops, moving donated technology to a new storage area, and taking inventory. From the little time I’ve spent with techdren, I have already learned that it takes a lot of work, communication, and coordination between teams to keep things running. The amazement I first felt when hearing about techdren has not left and everyone has continued to show their immense passion and work ethic.

Moving forward, my hope and goal for techdren is to keep the focus on serving the communities by making sure we are aware of their wants and needs. Too often do you find good organizations darkened with underlying white savior complex. Preventing this from happening requires members to listen to those we are serving and to hear what they need instead of forcing things on them because we think we are “helping”. For the future, this might mean not only bringing the technology our friends in Pemba want, but other items they need, such as new tables and chairs for the classroom. I am looking forward to expanding our reach to others both locally and globally and to see all of our hard work pay off!


Emily Platz

Assistant Technical Officer

Joined: January 2019

I joined techdren because I wanted to be a part of an organization that was passionate about getting more females, especially younger ones interested in technology. To learn that some of the female students in Zanzibar wanted to become astronauts and engineers when they got older was really inspiring and I wanted to be a part of a team to make that possible.

What techdren has already accomplished in one year has been incredible and I am really excited to see what techdren can do in the future with more tech, more donations, and even more members! I am looking forward to preparing laptops for the next trip and maybe even traveling there to help distribute the technology to the students!


Caitlyn Dangvu

Chief Financial Officer

Joined: February 2019

When I first learned about techdren, I could not believe it existed. It seemed so ambitious for a group of college students to be able to accomplish so much, leaving me in awe when I learned about everything this amazing team had done up to that point. Both service and finance have always been passions of mine, so I was thrilled when techdren asked if I was able to help their finances.

I’m really looking forward to managing techdren's books, cash flows, and financial accessibility. Once the team can sit back and not worry about all of the financial details, many doors are opened for techdren to put their energy into expanding their products and services. They could potentially begin hosting their own independent fundraisers or begin selling refurbished technology. Analyzing techdren's finances will help provide a greater picture of all that we're capable of. And who knows, maybe they’ll take me on the next trip!


Best Regards,


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