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Why Donate?

Your donation goes directly to helping school children receive computers in the classroom.

Allocation of Funds

Where is the money going?

Refurbishing Computers

Thus far we have been blessed to receive computers and laptops from many companies and schools willing to donate to our cause. However, to get these laptops up to par, we have been tasked with finding and installing an open-source operating system that suits the needs of the students and ensuring that all resources are also available offline. Some laptops we receive are also in need of repair and are missing or need new parts. 


Most of the necessary technology is collected through various donations, however this means nothing if we cannot get them to the schools. We do try our best to take some technology with us on the airplane, but unfortunately, we must set aside money to ship the rest of the technology to the schools. 


We believe in traveling to the schools to make sure the technology is correctly implemented within the classroom setting. Once there, we can teach them the basics of using the computers and applications.


In order to spread the word about techdren and our endeavors, we need funds for marketing materials. For example: the website domain, fliers, business cards, etc.


Any money received beyond the costs of the aforementioned items will go towards several key areas including: 

Paying our Translators

Currently we have two amazing translators that are volunteering their time and expertise to help us in communications and the creation of a computer textbook/manual. It would be wonderful if we raised enough money to pay them for their assistance.

General Donations Towards the Schools

Beyond access to technology these schools could also use general donations that would go to buying desks, chairs, school supplies, and building maintenance.

Future Trips

We will have ongoing trips and hope to keep supplying schools with access to technology.